Our Services

Airport Solutions actively support the aviation industry in all aspects of the business:


  • GAP analysis of safety management systems.
  • Compliance with national and international regulations.
  • Independent compliance audits and risk assessment on behalf of insurance companies, international sporting bodies, regulatory authorities and governments.

Design, Write & Implement...

  • Aerodrome Manuals, Emergency Plans, Security Plans and Safety Management Systems.
  • Operational procedures for Airport Operations including Fire and Rescue and Air Traffic Control.
  • Safety Compliance and Assurance Documentation.
  • Tender documents for airport construction projects and equipment.
  • Pavement maintenance procedures, condition surveys, strength testing and analysis.

Assessment & Advice On...

  • Independent Accident / Incident Investigation reports.
  • Airport capacity, Planning and Safety Cases for "Special Events" Management at Airports, e.g. Olympic, Commonwealth Games and other international sporting vents such as UEFA Champions League.
  • Aerodrome obstacles, safety assessments, master planning including budgeting requirements.
  • Airport procurement procedures.
  • Aerodrome ground lighting, equipment and services specific to airports.

Plan & Deliver...

  • Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) schemes for airports.
  • Table top and full scale emergency exercises to test the emergency plan.
  • Major infrastructure development, maintenance and construction works; i.e. Runway resurfacing/extensions, and capacity enhancements, Airport Visitor Centre and Exhibitions.


  • Organisational requirements and competencies for staffing.
  • Assist with the recruitment of Airport Operations, Technical and Senior Management.
  • Training programmes specific to the airport operational staff, management and department needs.